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Massage in Bandra

Hot stone massage is one very effective form of massage therapy that can help us in several ways. Several types of massages are designed to address a different kind of health issues. And hot stone massage is one such type that helps you get relief from numerous severe pains. Our massage in Bandra offers the hot stone massage. So, if you have planned to get one, our massage in Bandra can serve you in the best way.

More about the hot stone massage and its benefits are discussed here

In the hot stone massage therapy, warm stones are placed on several parts of the body. The stones are smooth, have a flat surface and they are made of volcanic rock normally. This kind of stone can retain the heat for a longer time. The heated stones are placed over the chest, spine, stomach, face, palm, feet and toes. The stone is heated between 130-145 degree.

This massage type normally relaxes the tension muscle and damaged soft tissue. The heat of the stones relaxes the muscle. Also, the therapist can have a deep access to the deeper muscle layer through the heat of the stones.

Apart from relaxing the tension muscle, this massage therapy can do more than this. The benefits are stated here.

• It relieves the muscle pain

• Reduce stress and anxiety

• Boost the immunity system

• Promote good sleep

• Reduces the symptoms of cancer

• Enhances the joint flexibility

• Reduce muscle spasm